Wade N. Spruill, Jr.

Author Wade N. Spruill, Jr.

Wade N. Spruill, Jr., was born in Greenwood, Mississippi, in January 1948 to Wade N. Spruill, Sr., and Alcia Baker Spruill. Growing up in the cotton capital of the Mississippi Delta, he experienced the then-normal childhood and adolescent joys of hunting, fishing, horse-riding, and listening to music, both the blues and emerging rockabilly to rock-and-roll. He became a drummer, learned to dance in a make-shift blues hall, and grew into a young baseball player of note.

In 1970, Spruill graduated from the University of Mississippi. Disappointed in not going to medical school, he took what he considered to be a temporary job with the county health department. Once inside the public health agency, he sought and discovered a career ladder that would allow him to develop a new public health specialty, emergency medical services.

Now solidly ensconced in Mississippi’s health care history, he can focus on the love most people have for the well-being of their fellow man. And as he approaches his fiftieth year of public health service, he turns a lifetime of storytelling into a new career as writer and author of books for both children and adults.

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